20 in human years [1]

Season Fairy of


Hair Color


Eye Color

Yellow orange

First Appearance

Episode 01 - Saga Meets Sugar

Last Appearance

What's in Your Heart (Part 2)

Voiced By

Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Mari Devon (English) (1-4), Hope Grandflower (ep. 5-24)

Instrument Played:


Ginger (ジンジャー, Jinjā) is an adult Rain Fairy who is dedicated to her job, often creating rain showers in the Muhlenberg area. She can be harsh and brutally honest at times, but means well. She apparently knows the secret to finding a Twinkle, but keeps it hidden.

Often enough, Ginger keeps an eye on Saga and the apprentice fairies. Sugar, Salt, and Pepper all look up to her and wish to be like her. She's tries to keep Basil and Cinnamon's behavior in line and occasionally scolds them for their mischief.

It is strongly implied that she has romantic feelings for Turmeric, though it's never explicitly stated.

  1. TBS Official Site (Japanese) Characters: Ginger

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