"No worries! Just leave it to good old Phil!" - Phil, episode 23

Phil as he appears in the anime.






Father (manga version only)

Hair color


Eye color


First appearance

Episode 1

Final appearance

OVA Special Part 2 (Episode 26)

Voiced by

Asami Sanada (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)

Phil (フィル, Firu) and his two friends (lanky Jan and stout Alan) are (often unsuccessful) inventors who often try to enlist Saga, Anne, and Norma's help with their latest projects. It is speculated that there is a love interest between Phil and Saga.

Phil, Alan, and Jan often spend time collecting supplies and creating their inventions in the town's junkyard in a lab they set up there at its center.

Personality Edit

Phil wants to become a scientist when he grows up.[2] He is usually busy making some sort of wacky experiments which usually blow up on him and his friends. He is enthusiastic, confident in himself and his work, even when his invention's fail.

Trivia Edit

  • In the manga adaption, Phil is shown to have a father whose appearance bears a resemblance to Albert Einstein in his old age, with glasses. This would make sense as the series is set in Germany, where the famous physicist was born.

References Edit

  1. TBS Official Site (Japanese) Characters: Phil
  2. Episode 8, "The Shape of Dreams"

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